Minimum main floor square footage is 2200 square feet.

Yes, house plans, front elevation, and exterior materials must be reviewed and approved by the design review committee.

Yes, for further details refer to West Bountiful City Planning and Zoning building ordinances.

Yes, Secondary water is stubbed to each building lot.

There are six designated lots allowing horses.  Any other animals fall within the guidelines and rules of West Bountiful City.

Yes, it is encouraged.  No minimum square footage required, but all plans and designs must be approved by the design review committee.

Yes, Wood or vinyl fences acceptable.  No chain link or barbed wire fences are allowed.  See CC&Rs and West Bountiful City fence rules.

Front yard 30 feet from property line.  The side and back setbacks are 10 feet from the property line.   If you own a lot with the creek, a 10-foot set back is required.

The community involved HOA will collect a yearly HOA fee per building lot and maintain the sign and entrance landscaping.